Sean and his wife, Loren, a realtor, reside in Chapin, South Carolina. Sean has three grown children. Dennis, 22, attends college in Charleston and serves as an Army Reserves specialist. Taylor, 21, is a student at Western Carolina University. Sarah, 18, a recent high school graduate, is a budding entrepreneur. The Carrigan Family also has two furry family members, a rescue dog named Goldie and a Pomeranian named Lynde, as well as two feathery family members, an African Grey named Riley and a Green-Cheeked Conure named Shiloh.

Sean is a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from Excelsior College. Sean is also a graduate of numerous leadership schools including the Warrior Leadership Course, the Advanced Leadership Course, and the Senior Leadership Course.  Since retiring from the military, Sean also started his own real estate practice.

In October 2015, Sean Carrigan retired as a First Sergeant after 28 years of highly-decorated service in the United States Army. He served eight years past retirement because of his commitment to the well-being of his soldier community. Sean now focuses his lifelong desire to serve as the 2018 Democratic Party candidate for South Carolina’s Second Congressional District.

Sean grew up in a single parent home due to losing his father to cancer at the early age of eight years old.  Sean enlisted in the military at the age of 19. He saw combat action during Operation Desert Storm, and received over 30 awards and decorations, including five Meritorious Service Medals.

Sean served as a Hawk Missile Crew Chief during his first six years in the Army.  Sean then retrained and became a Licensed Practical Nurse for seven years.  Sean was assigned to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center where he served in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit.  Sean’s leadership was recognized and he was assigned the responsibility of serving as the Wardmaster for the largest general medicine ward (54 beds) in the Army.  Sean later would serve as an expert for the hospital’s Performance Improvement team.  Sean was then tapped by United States Army Recruiting Command where he served as a recruiter for 2 1/2 years.  After serving as a detailed recruiter he was assigned as a Station Commander, two tours as a Military Entrance Processing Station Senior Guidance Counselor, and two tours as a First Sergeant.

In the military, Sean learned the core value of selfless service: “Selfless service means that you’re going to help other people without needing thanks for anything. And not helping some of the people—but all the people.” Sean cares about the soldier, not just the war. Similarly, as a candidate for U.S. Congress, Sean cares about the citizen, not just the corporate bottom line.

Sean’s campaign is fueled by a passionate commitment to restore the American Dream to America’s workers. “Everybody wins when you invest in people. That’s the Carrigan ‘Care Again‘ way!”

*S.M.A.R.T is Sean’s campaign acronym that depicts the core attributes of everything that he believes in and will fight for.
Solidarity: Sean will stand with the majority of people, fighting for their rights. Giving them an outlet for their voice, which may have been falsely represented in the past.
Motivation: Sean is motivated. With his indisputable motivation with his soldiers during his service, and dedication to the betterment of this society for his children, family and fellow citizen, Sean is driven to make a positive impact for those he cares about.
Accountability: Sean will be accountable to his constituents not to the corporation. As your Representative Sean will hold peers accountable in Washington for their actions and NON-actions.
Revolutionary: Positive change in America only occurs when large masses of people in America desire it, now is the time for that change.
TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More! We need a total Blueout of the second district!
Every shade of blue contributes to this victory for US! Stand together as one voice, and we will be heard. One Team, One Fight!

NO ONE left behind!