America: Left Behind Again

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 17, 2018) – President Trump attacked and berated the United States today, calling the U.S. “foolish” and attacking the Mueller probe as a “disaster for our country,” as he stood next to Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

President Trump then targeted his resentment towards America’s intelligence community, the press, and American politicians.

“Trump displayed an unprecedented amount of weakness and disloyalty towards America and our allies,” said Sean Carrigan, candidate for U.S. Congress. “Russia’s interested have not just been favored, they have been actively and publicly prioritized over the needs of the United States and our allies.”

Rep. Joe Wilson, Carrigan’s opponent, expressed his excitement to “work with” President Trump to secure our elections.

“That is not good enough for the people of America,” said Carrigan. “When I am elected to Congress, I will not shackle myself to this administration the way my opponent has.”

Across the aisle, elected officials and media representatives strongly condemned President Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin.

“Our foreign policy must be centered around diplomacy, peace, and easing tensions worldwide,” said Carrigan. “Meeting with enemy states can be productive if done with strength and accountability, but that is not what we saw yesterday. We saw an American president roll over and allow Russia to bulldoze the U.S. in this summit.”

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