Carrigan Calls for a United Front Against Wilson

Carrigan Calls for a United Front Against Wilson

Unity. It is an essential element of who we are as human beings and who we are as a nation. It’s even in the name: The United States of America.

One of the toughest truths of our political process in this country is that it’s divisive by nature. In every election, you have two or more people offering for the same opportunity to serve in what is ideally a self-sacrificial leadership post, and battle lines are drawn. Somebody has to win a contest to earn the right to serve.

Loyal supporters get energized, bunch up on either side of the rhetorical divide, and the battle begins. Relevant issues are discussed. Sometimes harsh words are uttered in the passion of competition. In the end, one side or the other prevails, and ideally the job of serving others begins.

I am unspeakably grateful to everyone who supported my campaign to serve as your next 2nd District Congressman. I am eager now to move through the general election cycle, bring about needed change for South Carolina, and start representing EVERYONE in this community. But I cannot do it alone. I need all of us as South Carolinians to work together toward the common good.

My primary opponent, Annabelle Robertson, ran a tough and spirited campaign. She is smart and articulate. She has a solid command of the issues facing all of us in this state and across America, and I wish her nothing but the very best on the next chapter of her life. One thing I know for sure: she knows how to build a team.

Now that the primary election cycle is behind us and the voters have made their choice, I want to say to all of those energized supporters of Annabelle’s campaign: I now need you on my team. We are better together.

Now is the time to lay aside things that divided us during the primary and push together toward a singular goal: Change in the 2nd Congressional District. The Carrigan for Congress campaign was built on one guiding principle – Leave No One Behind. I truly mean that.

Our campaign team represents a cross-section of the 2nd Congressional District, people from all walks of life, from diverse backgrounds and influences. To be honest, we don’t all agree on every issue facing South Carolina and this nation, but we are united in our dedication to a better tomorrow. We remain optimistic that if we all push together and pull together as one team, we can move mountains.

Because our campaign slogan is a true belief – Leave No One Behind – there is a place on the Carrigan for Congress team for ANYONE who wants to bring about meaningful change in South Carolina. Even to those who might normally vote for a Republican candidate in the fall but are ready for a fresh perspective and renewed energy, I say this: WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER.

I ask of you humbly: Can we lay aside all that has divided us during the necessary struggle of the primary election cycle? Can we focus instead on what unites us, our common humanity and our common love of this country? Can we all move through the next few months as one body, pooling our energy and effort to crack the culture of dysfunction in Washington?

I hope so. I need you on my team.

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