Energy Freedom

It’s time we moved into the 21st Century when it comes to our energy production. We have been using Industrial Revolution era technologies to power our planet for far too long. It’s time we let energy freedom into our marketplaces and create jobs and opportunity for all Americans.

Oil and gas companies have been exploiting American workers. They raise our gas prices through the roof. They charge us obscene rates to keep our homes warm through the winter. They control every sector of the energy market and impede any attempt at innovation. This is not the American way of doing things. We need to create and allow for competition and a new market that will bolster the middle class as well as give consumers the freedom to choose what energy source they think is best.

That is energy freedom.

But right now, we have companies like Exxon, Shell, BP, and Koch Industries with their hands deep in the Washington Establishment’s pockets. They promote nightmarish policies such as offshore drilling, which would decimate South Carolina’s top three industries: tourism, fishing, and real estate. These companies do not care about the average worker—only about making a buck for themselves, even if the entirety of the Palmetto State goes broke.

I will protect our beautiful coastlines from big oil’s greed, and I will be a warrior for energy freedom in the United States Congress.

When I am elected, I will work across the aisle to pass an energy freedom act ensuring:

  • Federal tax credits for households that use solar energy and electric vehicles instead of fossil fuels and natural gas
  • A ban on offshore drilling
  • A carbon fee that pays out dividends to renewable energy households
  • Reimplementation of the Clean Water Act
  • Accountability for the EPA to prioritize the needs of fossil fuel companies over the needs of the consumer
  • Expansion of national monuments to protect our country’s beautiful landscapes and natural resources
  • A ban on fracking
  • Raised fuel efficiency standards for gas and diesel automobiles
  • Stipends and grants for local farmers rather than megafarms and other major corporate farming ventures.
  • Strengthened partnerships between the EPA and local conservationist watchdog groups.

These policies will create a robust and booming new economy for the United States, and launch our country into the future. I will protect South Carolina’s legacy of smiling faces and beautiful places.