Health Care for All

Access to quality healthcare is a basic human right.  It should not be dependent upon your income, or the whims of a political party, or the religious beliefs of your employer.

In the near term, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) MUST be fixed.  Efforts to undermine and sabotage ACA must cease.  In addition, I am confident that adding a Medicare buy-in option for those aged 55 and above would provide stability to our overall healthcare system.  In the long run, we MUST push to replace ACA RESPONSIBLY with a Medicare-for-all system that covers everyone cradle to grave.

Currently, over 12.5% of residents in South Carolina District 2 remain uninsured.  Folks, that means 90,000 of our friends, neighbors, and co-workers – and their children – have no insurance.  That would fill Williams-Brice Stadium beyond capacity!  Not only is this a terrible injustice, but it also places an undue economic burden on us all.

A Medicare-for-all system will create a win-win-win scenario for our citizens, our businesses, and our communities.  In such a system, the cost of delivery would save Americans an estimated 40% off current rates.  The overall savings to our economy would be in the trillions!  With Medicare-for-all, we can move to a proactive, preventive medicine approach – rather than continuing the current, outdated “fee-for-services” model of treating diseases as they happen.  Remember:  it’s much cheaper to prevent a fire than to put out a fire and rebuild afterward.

Finally, a woman’s right to choose must be protected.  I strongly support Roe v Wade.  Furthermore, the number one cause for abortion is an unwanted pregnancy.  The best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is birth control.  I would fight to fully fund Planned Parenthood and all associated services.