As a veteran, I have stood in the shadow of danger and violence. I know intimately what it feels like to fear for your life in everyday scenarios.

That’s not what our citizens should have to feel as they go about their day to day lives. As a US Army soldier, it was my sworn duty to guarantee that all Americans feel safe everywhere they go. That’s exactly the duty I will re-assume when I get to congress.

Terrorism has many faces, and none of them should be able to find a home in America. I will be harsh on those who seek to do the United States harm, both foreign and domestic. While we must fight terrosim, it is important that we don’t infringe on the constitutional rights of US Citizens. Here is my plan to crack down on terror in America as well as protect the privacy of our people:

  • Repeal the USA PATRIOT ACT
  • Continue to work with Kurdish forces in the Middle East to keep groups like ISIL from surfacing again
  • Work with the UN to raid terrorist website servers, so that the influence of radical terror organizations is limited.
  • Label white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi movements domestic terrorist organizations
  • Implement a ban on federal hiring of people with ties to hate groups and jihadi movements.
  • Require Congressional approval of “preemptive strikes”

America has also been plagued in recent years with an epidemic of gun violence that has left parents afraid to go to work, children afraid to go to school, and even worshippers afraid to go to church. The answer is not more guns, and it is not to sit idly by while American families are gunned down in the thousands by homegrown, domestic terrorism every year.

It’s time we get past the false, misleading arguments about this issue and stand together to get things done.

Here is my plan to address mass shootings and other forms of gun violence:

  • Commission and fund the CDC to study and report with transparency the effect of gun violence on our population at large.
  • Implement universal background checks for purchases of firearms.
  • Close the gun show loophole by imposing short waiting periods to buy a gun.
  • Ban gun kits that artificially modify the rate and speed of fire such as bump stocks.
  • Require standardized gun safety training.
  • Support Extreme Risk Protective Orders (ERPOs) at the federal level.

The safety of our citizens is not a partisan issue, folks. I will work across the aisle in congress to get these goals accomplished. What matters to me is that our kids can go to school, families can go to church, moviegoers can go to the theater, and our citizens at large can go about their day without having to fear the threat of death at every turn.