The SCEA Endorses Sean Carrigan for Congress!

The SCEA Endorses Sean Carrigan for Congress!

It is with great pride that I announce that our campaign for US Congress has been endorsed by the The SCEA, the South Carolina Education Association!

Education is the cornerstone of democracy, and we currently sit dead last in the country. We can do better than that, folks. When I am elected to US Congress, I will work diligently with the SCEA to craft policies that give better care to our students.

I will work to provide fully funded IDEA wrap-around services for our students with disabilities, and lead the fight to eliminate standardized testing, so that our teachers can teach to their curriculum, not to a test.

I will work the local government of South Carolina to create a system that equitably distributes tax dollars to all schools, regardless of surrounding property values.

I will fight to make sure public funds stay in public schools, and are not sent to charter schools while the education of less-affluent areas continues to diminish.

I am extremely grateful to the SCEA for this tremendous endorsement. Go to the polls and vote Carrigan on June 12th for a better system of education for all South Carolinians!

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