#VoteProChoice Recommends Sean Carrigan for Congress!

#VoteProChoice Recommends Sean Carrigan for Congress!

We are happy to say that Sean Carrigan for Congress is the #VoteProChoice recommended candidate for the Democratic nomination for US Congress in South Carolina’s Second Congressional District!

This campaign is about empowering women to have the opportunities, choices, and dignity afforded to them that they have been deprived of for so long. Our campaign staff is proudly 97% women, and once elected to Congress, Sean will fight to ensure that women in America are given access to the affordable reproductive healthcare rights they are promised.

Sean will work with his colleagues to make sure that a woman’s right to choose is protected, along with providing life-saving birth control methods to women in low-income communities. Sean believes that the choices women make about their own bodies should not be determined by the government, but by a woman and her doctor.

We thank #VoteProChoice for standing with us, and for all they do to advance the rights of American women.

A vote on June 12th for Sean Carrigan is a vote for choice. Get to the polls and elect Sean Carrigan to be your nominee for US Congress!

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